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My name is Christina Rahm.  I have had a life where I was affected by abuse and the cycle that went along with the abuse that I continued to choose to stay in during part of my life. It took me a long time to choose to leave this cycle and start a life of empowerment and happiness.  Due to this, I recognize how hard it is for others to make choices of empowerment.  I want to support women that have left cycles of abuse, addiction, and distress. The Rahm Foundation is a 5013C that has many missions of empowerment throughout the world,  One of these verticals is a vehicle to support women, minorities, and all people in their healthy choices to leave destructive patterns and behaviors.  It takes self-love and support from God and others to change our lives.  The Rahm Foundation believes everyone can choose to change and everyone deserves love and support.  



Consequences in life happen when we make the wrong choices, but sometimes all we need is forgiveness and love for our own lives and from others.  By living this mission, the Rahm Foundation chooses to mentally, physically, socially, spiritually, and financially assist people in these positive directions.  It is with great pleasure that I, along with the Rahm Foundation, are proud to partner with “Love Sewn,” and Nicole, in their mission to support women so as to ensure further support of their healthy decisions to lead lives free of addiction and abuse.  The Rahm Foundation and Merci Dupre Clothier will be standing along with these amazing women as we not only assist women in their beautiful inside and out, but also as well help clean up our environment and our world.


Who is #love_sewn?

Fabric has been Nicole’s chosen medium for expression since 2007. From Atlanta to Dallas Markets, realizing mass production was not for her, she dove into the fabulously fast-paced world of women’s clothing, garnering mentions in Southern Living for her distinct style, showing runway collections and being honored as the recipient of the Rising Star Award. Keeping humility, gratitude and faith by her side, Nicole sews with passion and ferocity, waking every morning to go to her beautiful store in Watersound, FL to create. The vision behind the work is about the gratitude for our darkness, not the happily ever after, because without it, we would not be able to see and be the light that shines through in our darkest moments.


"I love to make people feel beautiful. I think that is the center of it all. Because we are all different on the outside but posses so much beauty within, and it feels good to feel your own beauty, and we should!"

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