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Fulfilling the Need For Knowledge


The Rahm Foundation has recognized the exceptional work of Grace International Bible University in equipping men and women of God with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively fulfill the Great Commission.  

The Rahm Foundation recognizes the immense potential of Grace International Bible University in transforming lives and communities through ministry. By investing in the University's mission, the Foundation is contributing to the development of a new generation of leaders who are equipped to bring hope, healing, and reconciliation to the world.

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Grace International Bible University

With its mission to empower students academically, morally and spiritually, Grace International Bible University provides sound theological, tuition-free education to aspiring ministers and church leaders who may not have access to formal seminary training.

Grace International Bible University is a center of excellence in theological education, with highly qualified professors and a comprehensive curriculum that covers bible study, theology, pastoral care, and leadership. The University's partnership with other institutions and organizations allows students to benefit from a broader exposure to diverse perspectives and ministry experiences, providing them with a well-rounded education.

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